As a matter of fact, JCTM does not only supply international products as sensors, analyzers, monitors, dataloggers and so on, coming from some internationally well concepted companies around the world, some of them represented by our group.

We also produce part of what is offered, through our 500 square meter production area. Some of these instruments are mechanicals as winches, rain gauges, sediment samplers, meteorological housing, fluviometric weight, totalizer anemometer, etc.

In most of its supplies, JCTM indeed integrates imported instruments, making systems joined with many required accessories, manufactured by our inner production, thus, matching with customers’ requesting so as to assure the whole system be delivered and handled by only one company, as well as its knowledge and responsibility.


As a striking differential for our market, JCTM has engineers and technicians in two main areas – sourcing and new projects; and technical assistance. Thus, our technical group has the ability to support customers before, however and after delivery. This makes customers confident, more comfortable and therefore satisfied.

Most of our technical group has over 10 years of experience, which ensures high knowledge and confidence. We are able to lead new challenges year by year and thus grow our customer base.

We are at all stages of a product life cycle: system development, approval, startup, operation, and maintenance, not only for the instrument intrinsically, but also for all parts of the system composition, due to our know-how over the core and the whole system, not mentioning, notably, the after sales.


This a bit over JCTM, a company that is known in Brazil, seeking for creating a healthy relationship with its clients and that never is satisfied with its position, thinking over how much it is possible to improve itself, instead.

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